Street Life
Ivory Park, Johannesburg
Exploring the dynamics of street life
and business in a township.
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Where is Ivory Park?See below for a bit of context.

Visit the Study Sites Detailed sketches and information about street trade in isolated sites.

Site A Taxi Rank
& High Street Node
Key businesses are transport services, street traders selling to commuters and specialist shops such as clothes boutiques.
Site B High Street Intersection
& Taxi Drop-off
Key businesses are specialist shops and street traders selling vegetables, chickens and food. Entertainment businesses are close-by.
Site C Residential
Access Road
Key businesses are spaza shops, hair salons and street traders selling fruit, vegetables and food. Residents meet on the street.
Site D High
Key businesses are specialist shops, car cleaners, micro-manufacturers and street traders selling hardware, homeware and fruit & veg.

Structural Typologies Street traders operate from a range of structures.
Form is influenced by displace, space, marketing, portability and security.

Various types of structures are used in street trade. We have categorised these structures based on their size from XS (ie. trolley) to XL (ie. building). Click through the sizes to see the specific structures and statistics about them.

Extra Small

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Extra Large

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Trade TypologiesThere is specialisation of trade amongst street traders. There are product & trade type clusters.

Narratives The street as a place in which to do business is reflected through narrative descriptions of street traders.

Potego Public Phones & Sweets
Potego runs a business selling sweets and public phone calls.
Vuyi Takeaway Food
Vuyi sells Zulu food to taxi drivers inside of the taxi rank.
Adam & Diko Hair Salon
Adam & Diko run a hair salon speacialising in cuts & dreadlocks.
Modi & Lydia Fruit and Vegetable
Lydia and her mother, Modi, run a fruit and vegetable stand.
Caroline Accessories
Caroline sells accessories such as hats, jewelry, and pictures.
Patrick Photographer
Patrick takes ID photos and portraits, and photographs events.
Alex & Moses Kota Takeaway
Moses helps his father, Alex, to run this takeaway kota shop.

Visual NotesSome images and comments from Ivory Park

Photovoice Ivory Park

Local photographers' views of the street in Ivory Park